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When most people consider cannabis utilization they think about the customary, and sometimes stereotypical, crushed bloom rolled into a joint, or smoked in a bong. While those customary techniques are both consummately fine, and altogether powerful, there are the individuals who are searching for something entirely different and stronger. This is where cannabis distillation and extracts become an integral factor.

What are Cannabis Extracts?

For individuals who need to take their cannabis utilization to a different level, there are extracts. Otherwise called cannabis concentrates, extracts are precisely that: a dense and concentrated type of the plant’s dynamic synthetic substances.

Examples of Cannabis removes are Rosin, Butane Hash Oil, Hash, Dry Sift, Kief and so on.

Cannabis extraction is a procedure that includes the utilization of extremely potent solvents including propane, butane and alcohol, or hazardously pressurized CO2, with a specific end goal to isolate the desired cannabinoids from the plant matter.

What is Cannabis Distillation?

The cannabis refining process is known to make extremely potent extracts, making A THC percentage somewhere close to 90 and 99 percent. The extracts specified above, for example, BHO, clock in the middle of 60 and 80 percent, while simply consuming bud the way it was done in the good old days will yield you just 15 to 20%.

Why Use a Vacuum Pump?

Once the chemicals have had an opportunity to do their thing expelling the “great stuff” from extraneous they should be evaporated off to leave just the extracted material behind. Since it is not the typical water evaporation, the temperatures required are very high, and the time to get this task completed is intense.

This is where science acts the hero for anybody wanting to make their own extracts in volumes bigger than a couple of grams at once: Cannabinoids in a vacuum evaporates more rapidly and at a lower temperature. An airtight container and a vacuum pump can spare a considerable measure of time and headache, while reducing the chances of expensive errors.

What Kind of Vacuum Pump Do I Need for Cannabis Distillation?

Many specialists suggest the use of dry pump for your extraction needs, as wet pumps depend on parts that can be disintegrated by some extraction chemicals, which causes a lot of headaches you don’t need. Generally speaking, the key components to consider are;

  • Depth of Vacuum and Flow Rate
  • Wet or Dry Operation
  • Type of Unit

In the end, the kind of unit picked is imperative. Those searching for a pump to distill cannabis would almost certainly be looking using the above-listed criteria.

Regardless of the pump you pick, good maintenance is critical to keeping them buckling down for a long time to come. A vacuum trap or cold trap ought to be used to catch vapor getting away from the reaction vessel and shield the unit from harsh synthetic substances. Oil ought to be changed in oil-based pumps as per the manufacturer’s directions. Read the product manual properly for your pump to be sure it is legitimately maintained over the course of time.

Aren’t Vacuum Pumps Expensive?

This is more an issue of significant worth than it is an issue of cost. As specified above, cannabis distillation (including the utilization of a vacuum pump) is an entire 70% plus more concentrated than the bud that you’re purchasing. It wouldn’t take you too long to realize the savings involved make the long-term usage worth your while.

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