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What people are saying about my work.

You provided a very unique and exciting presentation and engaged the audiences of all ages with your story of challenges and triumphs, while creating unusual and spectacular balloon sculptures. We admired how you were able to feel comfortable and relate to the wide range of children and teens at their level. Your story interested and inspired the children, teens, and adults. We thank you for motivating our students with your advice for them; to work hard and strive to reach their goals and never give up. Everyone in attendance appreciated your honesty and integrity in sharing your story; your challenges and triumphs, the knowledge you gained, and your special talent; your balloon expertise.

The attendees also appreciated how you helped them see and understand that people with challenges and disabilities also have unique talents and abilities. We also appreciated your raising awareness and incorporating tips for working with children with special challenges and abilities in your conversation. Our teens, instructors, community lay leaders, and parents all expressed admiration for you and were inspired with your story, as you could see how the attendees didn’t want you to leave.Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit

Thank you so much for your letter and the picture of the Martha Stewart balloon. Everyone here at Alderson loves it – so cute…Martha Stewart

It was great to have you here for our foundations fundraiser. Everone loved your balloon sculptures.Larry King

These balloons are absolutely amazing, I’ve never seen anything like it.Matt Groening

Adam Lee is truly one of a kind. His creativity with balloons engages children and adults alike. He captures an audience with his balloon artistry while sharing biblical stories in dramatic fashion. Kids love him. Adults love him. You too will love him.John Miller – Evergreen Christian Community

Adam’s very ‘real’ presentation makes a clear impression on audiences. He is able to speak in the first person of the challenges he has faced . . . and overcome. One comes to ‘feel’ his experiences and understand, more clearly, the power of the human spirit. ‘Inspiring’ is an often overused word, but in Adam’s case, it fits like a glove. He’s a tough act to follow.C.V. deVille – Jupiter Entertainment Mgt.

God has given you amazing talent in twisting those balloons—no wonder Larry King was so impressed! I look forward to staying in touch with you!Rev. Rob Schenck

Talented, mesmerizing, witty, natural and entertaining – these are just a few words to describe an Adam Lee encounter. My fascination with Adam’s work began when I attended a North Thurston School District volunteer appreciation event where he had created a life-sized superhero balloon figure which hung from the ceiling, along with several other balloon decorations. We contacted Adam to surprise our youngest son for his seventh birthday and Adam surprised ALL of the 35 people who attended! He arrived with a giant and detailed Optimus Prime Transformer (the party theme) and twisted whatever special-request balloon structure was desired by each of the 17 kids. While twisting, he engaged with each child and on-looker and created a comfortable and upbeat environment – he also never popped a balloon or stopped his momentum. In order to ensure the other party kids were entertained, Adam’s mother – JoAnna, played bingo with candies as placers, wiffle-ball tic tac toe and other games. All kids received prizes for winning and participation – eliminating the need to provide goodie-bags.

After such an amazing party and the amount of excitement and feedback, we again requested Adam and JoAnna attend our son’s birthday party. They exceeded our expectations – from the birthday-theme structure he arrived with to the individual structures and games. There has been no better party than the Adam Lee parties! During the last 13 years, we have booked and attended birthday parties at every child-themed location in the South Puget Sound area and nothing compares. Experiencing Adam is something I would recommend to everyone – he is a wonderful, bright and caring young man with a unique talent and glowing personality.Melissa Tomlinson