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Adam Lee & Great Wolf Lodge
Update: Adam is now the Guinness World Record holder for the largest modelling balloon sculpture created by an individual! See the pictures below.

Great Wolf Lodge water park/hotel in Grand Mound WA supported Adam in his efforts to set a new world record for the largest balloon sculpture ever created by a single artist. Adam twisted a Halloween-themed arachnid of nightmarish proportions.

In order to achieve the record, Adam had to assemble the colossal spider by himself. “In the past, when I’ve twisted large-scale balloons, I have had others inflate and tie off balloons while I put the piece together. It saves time and energy. After tying off a few hundred balloons, you would be surprised at the stress taken on your body. I’ve tied balloons until my fingers have literally bled. But in order to achieve the world record, I had to complete the entire project, start to finish, without assistance. It was an exciting challenge. I’m grateful to have had corporate sponsorship for this undertaking, and have a very comfortable and happy working relationship with the nice people at Great Wolf Lodge.”

Adam’s completed spider sculpture is featured in the 2013 edition of Guinness Book of Word Records! A surveyor was contracted to take exact measurements for official records. The dimensions were 45 feet 2 inches wide by 22 feet 2 ¼ inches wide and used 2,975 balloons. This spider is made entirely of balloons with no supports or glue. Adam wishes to extend a very heartfelt thank you to all who were involved in this massive project.

Thank you: Linda Saylors, Larry Chester, Cierra Leary, Karen Deleasa, Sandi Barron, Jennifer Peterson, Kimberly Flanagan, Laurie Wascher, Denise Marchese, Daniela Anderson, Joanne Caines, Cathy Daniell, Marie Zambrano, Gabrielle Ohman, Ruth Peterson, Senator Swecker, William Beatty, Becky McDonald, Roger Lander, Bonnie Smith, Sharon Fitchitt, Demi Rothengass, Shelby Frazier, Maggie Moore, Steve Shattuck, Cathy Buchanan, Diane Miller, Greg Stevens, Eileen Straley, and all of the employees at Great Wolf Lodge especially Diana and Casey.

World\\’s Largest Balloon Sculpture By An Individual

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Guinness Worlds Record for largest spider balloon event on Thursday Oct. 6, 2011 in Centralia, Wash. (Otto Greule Jr/AP Images for Great Wolf Lodge)