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If you search for marijuana seed banks that ship to USA, you will see hundreds of them. However, not all of those seed banks are worth trusting and can provide you with the most amazing cannabis seeds.

Choosing a reputable seed bank, safely transporting marijuana seeds to the states in the USA is not easy. Currently, there are many seed bank scams that take advantage of the needs and trust of customers to scam. There are many cases of receiving things that are completely not worth the large amount of money spent.

US growers can absolutely choose the most reputable seed bank that ships to US when referring to our list below.

Top 10 Marijuana Seed Banks that Ship to USA

#1 Humboldt Seed Company

You should never confuse the Humboldt Seed Company with the Humboldt Seed Organization – a lower quality version than the Humboldt Seed Company. This seed bank was founded on decades of breeding experience, and has produced many remarkable cannabis strains.

Humboldt Seed Company is headquartered in Humboldt County, CA, USA. They specialize in supplying selected marijuana seeds with top-notch quality to the cannabis market. The special thing is that Humboldt Seed Company only applies organic methods for growing and they take advantage of the climate in Humboldt to make cannabis strains with stronger flavors and effects.

Some notable strains like Vanilla Frosting, Magic Melon or Pineapple Upside Down are the company’s top favorites. And they have cannabis strains that growers can only find at Humboldt Seed Company.

#2 Fast Buds

Fast Buds is one of the seasoned seed banks in the industry and they have been providing their services for centuries. This seed bank is not only the top choice of EU growers, but US growers should also add Fast Buds to their priority list.

Fast Buds really proves to be a seed bank worth investing in for any grower. They offer a diverse seed collection, specifically specializing in self-blooming cannabis strains. If growers love these self-blooming strains, then Fast Buds is a paradise for you. In addition, they also offer other Cup winning strains that will excite.

This seed bank also offers many other offers and discounts to its customers. And especially, customers can absolutely earn more commission for each successful order through their referral link.

#3 Archive Seed Bank

Archive Seed Bank is a seed bank known for its extremely rare cannabis strains from all over the US. Founded in 2006, Archive Seed Bank has contributed to the cannabis market with the rarest US genetics and strains in any part of the country.

Archive Seed Bank aims to preserve these historic lines through verifiable growing networks and systems. Back in the days, the Archive Seed Bank was only working on this goal quietly, but then they decided to share those strains with the cannabis community around the world, and like-minded people.

In addition, Archive Seed Bank also provides some material on these rare US genetics for growers. The more popular cannabis strains are also accompanied by detailed information for growers.

#4 Greenpoint Seeds

Have you ever heard of the name Stardawg Stud Males? Yes, Greenpoint Seeds is heaven for growers looking for Stardawg Stud Males. This seed bank is based in Colorado, US and they are happy to ship their cannabis seeds to all states and almost all countries in the world.

Greenpoint Seeds offers an excellent selection of world-class cannabis strains and genetics that have been browsed. They pack only the best seeds with the highest germination rates for their customers.

This seed bank provides thoughtful and secure packaging and shipping. Customers will be able to buy marijuana seeds at a reasonable cost, with many incentives and certain guarantees. Delivery is fast for domestic orders.

#5 Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion is no stranger to the cannabis industry. This Dutch seed bank and breeder is indeed a trusted and highly reputable name. Whether you are a beginner grower or an experienced grower, there will always be the best cannabis seeds that are right for you.

As a buyer of cannabis seeds, you should look for established seed banks as they know how to manage this type of business professionally. Buying from a trusted supplier like Dutch Passion means there is a great chance of a successful crop.

Dutch Passion has its own gene bank, containing genes collected several decades ago. They have the original cannabis strains that are now used to create many other hybrid cannabis strains. Buying marijuana seeds at Dutch Passion is buying the most original genetics.

#6 MJ Seeds Canada

MJ Seeds Canada is a seed bank that has been in business for over a decade in the cannabis industry. Although MJ Seeds Canada is not based in the US, many US growers trust and consider this seed bank as a good and reputable source to buy seeds.

MJ Seeds Canada has a diverse cannabis seed collection that includes regular seeds, feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds and even CBD-focused seeds. These seeds come with a moderate price tag. Growers can get more deals when buying cannabis seeds directly on their website.

This seed bank ships quickly and securely to the US. They also prepare various payment options, convenient for US customers to pay. Free shipping and free seeds for orders over $420.