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After buying fish from fish tank store near me, new fish need to be introduced with your tank before you transfer them in.

Moving into a new tank can cause the stress of fish, without properly acclimation your fish can die after they are bought home.

The totally strange environment, the different quality of water, the changing of temperature and imbalance of pH between the water in fish tank stores near me and your tank will be the reason that causes tension for the new fish.

In order to keep your fish healthy, here are some tips for you to easily introduce your fish with their new home.

It will be better if you place your new fish in a separate tank for about two weeks before moving them to the main tank. This will allow you to check if these fish have any disease or parasite, which can transfer for the other fish in your main tank.

If you do not have any separate tank, ensure that you are buying fish from highly reputable fish tank supplies near me.

Checking the water quality before you add the new fish. The chlorine levels should be above zero and the pH level in your tank should be similar to the tank of the fish store.

Providing some hidden places for the best aquarium starter kits such as plants or rock. With the hiding place, your fish will be less stressed.

Turn off all the light in the tank and also the direct light to the tank before adding new fish and go along for a few hours after adding fish.

Place your new fish in the sealed bag and float this bag on the water surface about 10 minutes. This is will allow your fish gradually introduced with the temperature in the new tank.

Using the net to move the fish from bag to the tank gently and quickly.

Feeding the other fish in the tank to decrease the aggressive of them.