California Dream Strain Review – Great Marijuana Strain for Hard Working

California Dream is a cannabis strain also known more commonly as Cali Dream. This Indica dominant cannabis strain is a versatile strain that both beginners and experienced smokers will love. California …

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California Dream is a cannabis strain also known more commonly as Cali Dream. This Indica dominant cannabis strain is a versatile strain that both beginners and experienced smokers will love.

California Dream is also a cannabis strain that can be of great value to growers. Growers can absolutely reap good profits through their crops and the California Dream’s market is quite wide.

But it seems that many beginner growers are not familiar with this cannabis strain when it is not a strain of choice for too many growers. So we have compiled the information about California Dream in this California Dream strain review so that growers can easily grasp the information.

California Dream Origins

California Dream carries Mexican and Afghan genetics, its parent strain is not a mystery. The California Dream is a cross between an Afghani and a Mexican Sativa Strains, it carries an Indica dominant inheritance. Thanks to the unique genetics of the two parent strains, California Dream has a very special effect and flavor.

There are many cannabis strains that carry Mexican genetics but California Dream has always been the standout strain among them. It made a strong impression on both smokers and growers and for that reason the California Dream appeared more popular. This cannabis strain is slowly becoming familiar to many of the world’s cannabis markets.

California Dream Effects

Never underestimate the effects of a cannabis strain containing up to 22% THC. California Dream has the signature effect of an Indica strain and it hits a very strong mental effect. With only the first few sips of smoke, you will feel a significant change in your spirit.

The typical effect of California Dream is euphoria and a slight sedative effect. You will feel the euphoria immediately after smoking this cannabis strain. With a larger amount, the excitement will explode and you will feel endlessly happy.

Soon, the sedative effect will come in making you easily fall into a deep sleep. It is perfect for you to enjoy before going to bed, and those who have trouble sleeping will be of great help.

The side effects of California Dream will come if you overdose it, or the beginner smoker is not familiar with strains with high THC levels. This side effect is mainly nervousness, dry eyes and dry mouth.

California Dream Fragrance & Flavors

The general impression of California Dream from smokers is that it has a slightly fishy taste but also has a hint of citrus and fruit sweetness. The aroma of this cannabis strain is a combination of many ingredients and most smokers only recognize a few key ingredients. With more sophisticated smokers, they can detect even more scents.

Initially, you will recognize the gentle scent of herbs combined with the freshness of citrus. After that, the mint flavor will gradually become more pronounced and it can make some new smokers find the taste a bit strong. The end will be a mellow and sweet experience like tea.

Smokers can perceive the sweetness of citrus with a slight sourness. The mint taste is a bit spicy but it is immediately quenched with the herbal and tea flavor. Sensitive people will feel a slight pungent taste of the fuel.

California Dream Medical

A typical Indica-dominant cannabis strain, California Dream carries the medicinal values ​​commonly found in Indica plants. The most typical medical value that California Dream brings is the deep relaxation of both mind and body. It is especially suitable for those who are exhausted both physically and mentally.

Patients with depression, anxiety disorders will find help with this cannabis strain. It will help you get rid of negative thoughts, lift your mood and become more relaxed. Negative thoughts will be gone and your mind will be temporarily relaxed thanks to the effect of California Dream.

Patients with ADHD or OCD also love this cannabis strain because it can cut off the repetitive worries in their head. However, care must be taken to use the correct dose because some susceptible patients may experience mild delusions or hallucinations.

In addition to calming the mood, California Dream can also soothe a tired body. This cannabis strain has the ability to soothe tense muscles, relieve pain and thereby your tired body will be healed.

California Dream Growing & Yield

Luckily, California Dream is a fairly easy cannabis strain to grow and even beginner growers can get used to this cannabis strain. Thanks to strong genetic inheritance from two parent strains, California Dream has good vitality and is easy to care for.

California Dream seeds grow very quickly and growers may be harvesting their crops soon. California Dream can grow both indoors and outdoors, so growers can choose a suitable form. Growing indoors is easier for beginner growers to care for, and it will also help avoid some other difficult-to-treat diseases.

Plants will grow into modest sized plants, so if grown indoors, growers do not need to prepare too much space. Another plus of this cannabis strain is its potential vitality and resistance to pests. California Dream has good resistance to mold and rot, so growers do not need to worry too much about humidity in the growing room.

California Dream seeds are also very easy to germinate in different climates. But it will grow more quickly and vigorously under Mediterranean climates. Plants love the sun and cool nights.

With good care, growers can expect a high yielding crop. Growers can expect an outdoor yield of around 550 g/plant, and an indoor yield of around 400 g/m².

Where to Buy California Dream Seeds?

Although California Dream seeds are not too rare, there are not many online seed banks that offer these cannabis seeds in the best quality. That’s why beginner growers should take a look at the reputable online seed bank names we’ve listed below.

Seedsman – California Dream Feminised Seeds

HomeGrownCannabisCo – California Dream Feminized Cannabis Seeds

ILGM – California Dream Strain