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Growing your own marijuana at home requires a lot of work. It will take a several weeks from sowing seed to when you get an abundant harvest. However, your works don’t not stop at harvesting. Trimming bud is the nest thing you have to do.

You can manually cut the bud, but this work may require much effort and time. This is where a bud trimmer comes to handle, it makes the job quicker and easier for you. This bud trimmer reviews will take a closer look at some of the top trimmer available and help you get the best one for your needs.

Top 10 Bud Trimmer 2022

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#1 VIVOSUN 16 inch Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer

This bud trimmer is wonderful option for home grower who don’t want to trim manually, but it’s unsuitable for commercial or large-scale operation. This trimmer bowl includes two blades, one is dry trimming blade with four edged and the other is wire X-blades for wet trimming. The trims are made using razor-sharp stainless-steel blades.

The bowl trimmer is made of high-quality, sturdy stainless steel that will endure a long time. It includes a transparent plastic cover that allows you to see the inside while the machine operates. It features a hand crank that is ergonomically designed, giving you a firm grip. The power of a cutter is equivalent to that of 30 scissors.

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#2 Risentek MODELX1 Bud Leaf Trimmer Machine 16-inch Hydroponic Bowl Trim Model X

The Risentek 16-inch Bud Leaf Trimmer Machine is one of the most high-quality, powerful cannabis trimmers available. The unit are constructed from durability material, the body is made of stainless steel, the cover is made of plexiglass, which allows you to see what’s going on within the machine. The body and the plexiglass cover are connected by a stainless steel buckle, making the machine easy to install and detach for cleaning. The device has 20 adjustable blades. It also has a silicone catch tray for storing chopped leaves, making clean up a breeze.

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#3 MELONFARM 16-Inch Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer Twisted Spin Cut

This trimmer is incredibly accurate and works similarly to with 30 scissors. It makes clean cut of twigs and leaves with less damage for bugs. Like other now trimmer in this list, MELONFARM trimmer also features stainless steel blades, what make it durable and last a long time.

The Melon Farm 16-inch’s is manual trimmer. That means it will need a significant amount of effort on your work. But the handles are quite easy to hold and utilize. The handle is also can be disassembled, which would allow you easier to store. It features an anti-slip pad at the base that ensures stability.

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#4 CO-Z Professional Automatic Bud Trimmer

This marijuana trimmer machine provides both accuracy and excellent quality. Triple Steel blades are used to produce clear and precision cutting. This will assist you in achieving a more sophisticated loom. Multiple speed options of CO-Z Professional Automatic Bud Trimmer allow you to choose for better control, quality trim and more safety. Unlike other bud trimmers on this list, this one is not manual trimmer, it is powered by an electric motor, which provides clean, quick trimming, will less effort.

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#5 EZ TRIM Wander Trimmer

EZ TRIM Wander Trimmer sucking the leaf from the bud, so if you are looking for the trimmer with less flower damage, this is great option. The way it works ensure that the flower is not damaged, less mess and easier cleaning. The device can function both wet trimming and dry trimming. However, the drawback here is that If the buds are too dry, though, the EZ TRIM Wader Trimmer may have trouble sucking them up.

It requires you regulate the vacuum and blade speed to get the size bud as you want. The stainless-steel blades can be disassembled easily. EASY TRIM Wander Trimmer is a costly choice, but this is one of the best professional bud trimmer available.

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#6 iPower GLTRIMBOWL19L 19-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer Machine

This leaf trimmer has power as 30 scissors. Clean cutting is what makes iPower 19-inch bowl trimmer one of the most popular trimmers. You can expect that your bud will not be damage during the trimming process. It also creates less mess, making cleaning an easy task.

This trimmer is very handy and lightweight. It is a 19-inch device but it even easier to store than other smaller trimmers. It has detachable handle, so it can be stored in limited spaces.

In addition, this bud trimmer enables for quick trimming in dry circumstances. However, you should be cautious with the amount and speed. Remember that you should not spin it too fast or your buds may be damaged. This strimmer may appear to be relatively expensive, it is well worth your money.

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#7 The Clean Cut M-9000S Series Bowl Leaf Trimmer

The Clean-Cut M-9000S leaf trimmer is another excellent bowl leaf trimmer. it is extremely effective and dependable, providing smooth and clean cuts. Like other bowl trimmer models, this one also comes with has a plastic cover, so you can easy see when it is operating. It also features two stainless steel blades, the razor blade for wet trimming and the other serrated blade for dry trimming.