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Gold Package:
175.00/hour (up to 12 children)
This package is perfect for a themed balloon party. Adam’s talents in twisting really come out when creating the sculpture for the birthday child. These balloons take anywhere from an hour or two to construct prior to the party. Adam will present this balloon when he arrives. He then twists creative balloons for the birthday child and guests. His assistant will manage games such as tic tac toe, Bingo, and spin to win prize wheel. The birthday party concludes with a comedy magic cooking show. The birthday child may want to be in the magic show.

150.00/hour (up to 12 children)
*Only available in Thurston County*
Adam and his assistant provide non stop fun with multiple balloon creations, games, and prizes. Children can use their imaginations and get their “dream” balloon. His assistant keeps the party hopping with Games such as, Tic Tac Toe, Bingo and a spin to win prize wheel.

Bronze Package:
$100.00/hour (up to 12 children)
*Only available in Thurston County*
Adam and his assistant provide non stop fun during a one hour birthday party. Adam twists a variety of single balloon creations that children enjoy. Children may play Tic Tac Toe ball toss while waiting for their balloon creation. The birthday child will stand out from the crowd as Adam twist anything they can imagine with multiple balloons.
To book a birthday, go to the Birthday Party booking request form and fill it out.


Imagine your congregations delight at the chance to see a Christian-themed play with a new twist–balloons! Adam has a comfortable, casual stage presence. Towering balloon sculptures will provide a fun, visually-stunning backdrop while children from your congregation will jump (yes, literally) at the chance to participate with colorful costumes and balloon props. Adam has performed Christian balloon plays for many churches with great reception. He has a special message to deliver: through God all things are possible. Like the story of David, sometimes God chooses to work through the least-likely of people. You can book him for your church directly from this website. Choose from such popular plays as: The fiery furnace, Noah’s Ark, Ten Commandments, Easter, Christmas, and other plays.

(Excellent for outreaches, holidays, and numerous events. A $500 fee includes up to three services on the same day. (Need-based discounts available.)
To book a church event, go to the Church Event booking request form and fill it out.


Adam has delivered many inspirational speeches to schools across the state of Washington. As a former special needs student, Adam delivers a powerful message to all students: with hard work anyone can be successful. Your students will be amazed by one-of-a-kind balloon sculptures. Adam’s school shows are highly interactive, witty, and comical. The performance will capture and hold the attention of a mixed-age audience. Students will walk away feeling more empowered in their own lives. School stage shows usually include interactive skits which can be customized to any particular event.
To book a school event, go to the School Event booking request form.

Special Events

Adam’s performances are not limited to schools, churches, and birthday parties. Most public events are enhanced with the addition of a world-class balloon artist. Adam has performed across the country for such prestigious events/organizations as: Larry King’s Cardiac Foundation fund raiser, Oscar parties, Fox Broadcasting (for a premier of the Simpson’s 400th episode), celebrity parties, Microsoft, Boeing, and the NBA among others.
To book a special event, go to the Other Events booking request form and submit your contact information, as well as a description of the event, and we will contact you to make arrangements.