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Instead of roaming around the house, guinea pigs prefer to spend quite a lot of time in their cages. Like the other pets, as soon as you take them home, providing them suitable living habitat, health care, hygiene, and especially bedding is the first priority thing you should do.

For who those do not know what will make the best guinea pig bedding, this article below will answer some common question.

What materials can I use for guinea pig bedding?

Your guinea pigs will prefer to curl up on anything soft and dry. There are so many options but not every bedding is available will safe for guinea pigs. Here are the best material types that are considered as the best guinea pig bedding for odor:

  • Paper bedding
  • Aspen bedding
  • Cloth bedding
  • Fleece bedding
  • Cotton towels

How often should I change or clean guinea pig bedding?

The answer will depend on what type of bedding are you using. If you are using something that is not really great at absorbent as a newspaper, you will need to change the wet part for once or twice a day.

Choosing the materials that more absorbent to avoid the wet of bedding and reducing the time you need to change their bedding.

If the bedding you are using works well with an absorbent such as Aspen wood, you just need to change the wet or dirty parts one time a week. The recommended that cleaning cages at least once a week. It is essential to keep your pet happy and remove any risk that can exist in your cages.

What types of bedding should avoid?

Guinea pigs have a sensitive respiratory system; due to that strong smell bedding can cause health issues, uncomfortable feelings for your guinea pigs. Some materials you should avoid are:

  • Soft shavings
  • Corn husks
  • Clumping cat litter
  • Straw