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Best Balloon Pump(Review 2019) – How to pump balloons most easily?

Throwing a party is one of life’s true pleasures and having a stunning display of balloons at your party’s center is a great way of really giving a sense of occasion. However, the effort of blowing up the balloons yourself can take a lot of time and energy and may even leave you feeling light-headed and out of puff!

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This is where a balloon pump can really come in handy as they make inflating balloons a whole lot easier. There are a variety of balloon pumps out there including both manual and electric options covering a range of budgets. In this article, we take a look at what you need to think about before purchasing a balloon pump and review some of the best balloon pumps currently on the market.

What is a balloon pump?

A balloon pump is a tool which assists in inflating a balloon to save you having to blow them up using your own lungs. They are particularly useful if you are planning on having a big balloon display at your party or event. Blowing up a couple of balloons isn’t a problem for most people but when it comes to 10 or more it can really take it out of you. A balloon pump takes away this problem and can save you both time and exertion.

What are the different types of balloon pumps?

Balloon pumps can either be manual or electric and the type you go for will depend on both your budget and how frequently you plan on using it.

#1 Manual Balloon Pumps

A manual balloon pump is a pretty simple device which comes in the form of either a hand pump or a foot pump. The hand pump is usually a small tube-shaped device which has a space to attach the balloon to one end and a pump at the other end. To blow up the balloon you will need to push and pull the pump to release the air to inflate the balloons. Look out for manual balloon pumps that release air into the balloon during both the push and pull process for speedier inflation.

There are also manual balloon pumps that are operated by a foot pedal. These are normally a little bigger than a hand pump and require you press your foot on the pump to release the air to inflate your balloon.

#2 Pros of Manual Pumps

– a cheap option for inflating lots of balloons

– compact devices that can easily be stored when not in use

– saves you having to blow up the balloons using just your lungs!

#3 Cons of Manual Pumps

– while they save your lungs manual pumps still require some exertion on your part in order to inflate your balloons

– slower to inflate balloons than an electric pump

#4 Electric Balloon Pumps

If you’re planning on throwing a lot of parties that require balloons or are planning a mega event then you might want to think about investing in an electric balloon pump. Electric balloon pumps use pressure to inflate balloons and do this incredibly quickly. This type of balloon pump requires minimal effort on your part and will have your balloons inflated and ready to display in no time at all.

In the past, it used to be that electric balloon pumps came with a pretty hefty price tag but nowadays there are some much cheaper models on the market. The type you choose will depend on how frequently you will be using the pump. If you host parties for a living it would be a good idea to invest in a more industrial model, however, for a couple of parties a year a smaller and cheaper electric balloon pump will do the job just fine.

#5 Pros of Electric Balloon Pumps

– Fast inflation rate

– Minimal effort on your part to inflate balloons

– Capable of inflating a lot of balloons

#6 Cons of Electric Balloon Pumps

– More expensive than a manual pump

– Takes up a little more storage space

What to consider when buying an electric balloon pump

Before jumping in at the deep end when buying an electric balloon pump there are some considerations you should have a think about first.

#1 Speed of inflation

Electric balloon pumps should indicate the speed of inflation on their product specification. Make sure you check this out before purchasing as the last thing you want is a slow machine when the reason for purchasing an electric pump is to save time!

#2 Portability

If you’re going to be needing to transport your electric balloon pump to different destinations and event spaces then make sure you opt for one that is easily portable. Some of the industrial-sized electric balloon pumps can be pretty cumbersome so have a look at the weight of the pump before purchasing.

#3 Number of nozzles

Check out the number of nozzles on the electric balloon inflater as this will also determine how quickly you can blow up your batch of balloons. If there is just one nozzle it will just be able to blow up one balloon at a time, but with two you will double the speed of inflation.

#4 Material

Consider what the electric balloon pumps is made out of. The cheaper balloon pumps will be made of plastic which is durable but won’t last as long as a balloon pump made out of aluminum or other metal. Have a think about how frequently you will be using your electric balloon pump and whether it’s worth investing in a model made out of a more durable material.

#5 Noise

Some electric balloon pumps can be pretty noisy so it is important to check out the reviews of the balloon pump and it’s specifications to check the noise levels of the machine. It might not matter to you if the balloon pump is noisy but if you’re going to be inflating balloons in a venue where it may cause disturbance to others it is certainly worth thinking about.

Best Balloon Pump Reviews

Now you’ve had a think about what type of balloon pump would suit your needs and requirements let’s take a look at some of the best products currently on the market.

#1 Best Balloon Pump: MESHA Electric Balloon Inflator Portable Dual Nozzle Electric Air Balloon Pump

This excellent balloon pump from MESHA will make inflating your balloons a breeze as it can inflate two balloons at a time at a super-fast speed. Simply attach the balloons to the nozzles and select either the manual or automatic pumping mode to inflate your balloons with ease. The dual-nozzle design also means that you can inflate latex balloons of different sizes.

This electric balloon pump is also very portable thanks to its small size – measuring 8.3 x 6.6 x 5.5 inches. It is made out of super strong and durable aluminum so you will be enjoying this balloon inflator for years to come. Plus, this machine comes with a free balloon tying tool included which will assist you in tying your balloons quickly and effectively. A great purchase that you are sure not to regret!

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#2 Best Electric Balloon Pump: LotFancy Balloon Pump Inflator 110-120V, 680W

If you’re looking for a very sophisticated electric balloon pump then check out this product by LotFancy. It inflates balloons quickly and efficiently and can inflate two balloons at a time making your party preparations go a whole lot quicker. Coming with two extension nozzles, this electric balloon pump can inflate pretty much any sized latex balloon. With an inflation rate of 520 liters per minute, you will have a room full of inflated balloons in no time at all!

This easy to use electric balloon pump also has some important safety features, including the ability to auto-disconnect if the machine is left on for a certain length of time. LotFancy also offers a one year warranty with this machine so if anything was not to your expectations they will provide you with a replacement. A great machine to have on hand whether you’re hosting a party, festival or wedding.

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#3 Best Balloon Pump Kit: KOSBON Electric Balloon Pump Kit

A great way of getting everything you need for the perfect balloon filled party is to go for a balloon pump kit. This kit from KOSBON contains everything you need to decorate your party with the utmost style. Within this kit, you will receive an electric balloon pump, 70 latex balloons of different colors, ‘Happy Birthday’ letter balloons, tying tools, 20 flower clips, colored ribbon, and 10 meter Dot Glues – everything you need to inflate, decorate and hang your balloons.

The electric balloon pump itself is ETL approved and can pump up to 2 balloons at a time with its effective air pump and will switch itself off when not in use. Plus, as this machine is so lightweight (weighing less than 1 Kg), it makes it incredibly portable and easy to transport so you can take to any event that requires balloons! Thanks to this excellent balloon pump kit all that’s left to worry about is having a good time!

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#4 Best Balloon Pump Handheld: Qualatex handheld Air Inflator – Double Action Balloon Pump

If you have decided on a manual balloon pump then take a look at this excellent handheld pump from Qualatex. It comes in an attractive lime green color and is made out of high-quality plastic making it a sturdy tool but also lightweight so is easy to carry around and transport. There is also an ergonomic grip on the handle to make sure that inflation is as user-friendly as possible.

What’s great about this handheld pump is that it inflates the balloon both when you push and pull the pump – making inflation speedier and less energy-consuming. With a handheld balloon pump like this one, it will make preparing for kids parties a whole lot easier and stress-free. Save your lungs and give this handheld pump a try and preserve your energy for those all-important party games!

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#5 Best Balloon Inflator: NuLink Electric Portable Dual Nozzle Balloon Blower Pump

Inflating your party balloons becomes a fun and stress-free task with this electric balloon inflator in your life. NuLink have designed a super-efficient electric balloon pump which will enhance any party or event. With a dual nozzle, it can inflate two balloons at a time with an inflation rate of 25-30 balloons per minute!

Included are two nozzle extensions to ensure that you can inflate all sizes of latex balloons. This electric balloon pump also comes with a handy cable compartment which keeps the cable tidily packed away when not in use so that this device is safe and easy to store. NuLink also offers a one year warranty so if there is a defect with your machine they will replace it for you. A great product for party lovers everywhere.

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No party is complete without balloons but the task of blowing up the balloons can be a daunting task and, unless you are superhuman, it is impossible to blow up hundreds of balloons using only your mouth and lungs. Investing in a balloon pump is, therefore, a great idea if you are planning on making party balloons a central feature of your party as they can save you a whole lot of time and effort.

Choosing between a manual balloon pump and electric one can be a tricky decision. Have a think about how often you will be using the balloon pump, and also whether a handheld balloon pump suits you (as it can also be a little labor-intensive to inflate the balloons!). There are some great products out there which are designed to make party preparations a lot more straightforward – check out our favorite products above and make blowing up balloons a thing of the past.

Best Balloons(Review 2019) – How many types of Balloons?

Throwing a party can feel a little daunting when you want to make sure it is the best it can possibly be. That’s why researching the best decorations for your event beforehand is a sure-fire way of both feeling more prepared and ensuring your party looks stunning. Balloons are a must have for any party or event in order to make sure that you create a sense of occasion, and a feeling of fun and excitement.

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In this article, we take a look at what you need to consider before deciding on which party balloons to choose for your party including a comprehensive buying guide on all you need to know about balloons! We will also review some excellent products for you to take a look at and decide if they’re right for your occasion.

Best Balloons – Buying Guide: Everything you need to know

What kind of balloons are there?

#1 Latex Balloons

The traditional balloons which you will have no doubt seen at childhood parties are made out of latex. They come in many different designs and themes and you can get any color you can possibly think of or desire. These are a great choice if you are throwing a party on a budget or you need to create a huge balloon display requiring a lot of balloons as they are very reasonably priced.

Latex balloons can either be filled with air or helium so whichever your preference, it can accommodate. A great choice if you are wanting to create a balloon arch as latex balloons can be maneuvered into this shape (with a few props) when filled with air. Another great thing about latex balloons is that they are biodegradable which makes them a good choice for the environment also.

#2 Foil Balloons

The other kind of balloons are foil balloons (also known as Mylar balloons). These balloons come in some very exciting designs and are constructed in a variety of shapes as opposed to latex balloons. There is a huge range of foil balloons available online and you will be able to find a design to suit all tastes and themes. Kids love them, and foil balloons are sure to bring delight to a party no matter what the age of the guests!

Foil balloons can be filled with air but they are usually filled with helium so that they can float. Once filled with helium foil balloons usually stay inflated for around 5-10 days. Plus, there are many foil balloons that you can purchase that are refillable, so once the party is over simply deflate them and store them away for another time.

Thanks to their longevity, foil balloons can be inflated a while before your party starts helping with the smooth organization of your event. If you’ve got a lot of preparation to do, therefore, choosing foil balloons might be the best option for you so that you can get prepped well ahead of time.

How should I fill my balloons?

As you can see, balloons can either be filled with air or helium. What you fill them with depends on the design of your balloon display, as well as the tools you have to hand on the day.

#1 Air

For many balloon displays and parties, air will be the sufficient gas to fill your balloons with. If you’re just going to have a couple of balloons you may be able to blow these up yourself, however, when it comes to larger numbers it is a good idea to think about investing in a device to help you.

There are both manual and electric balloon pumps which you can purchase to assist with your party preparations. Manual balloon pumps are the cheaper of the two and require either your hands or feet to pump up the balloons. Electric balloon pumps are a little pricier and do all of the hard work for you – making inflating balloons a whole lot quicker and stress-free.

#2 Helium

Using helium in your balloons will help them to stay inflated for longer, as well as raise them into the sky up for all to see. You can get your balloons filled at a local store or you can invest in a helium tank to fill them yourself. Depending on how many balloons you intend to fill, it can be a more economical choice to invest in your own helium tank.

If you do decide to purchase your own helium canister the size you need will depend on the types of balloons you are filling, and how many there are of them to fill. A small helium canister which usually contains around 9 cubic ft of helium will fill around 30 small latex balloons (the 9 inch size), or around eight 18 inch foil balloons. A large helium canister (which usually contains around 15 cubic feet of helium) can fill about 50 small latex balloons and thirteen 18 inch foil balloons.

What about balloon accessories?

There are also the all-important balloon accessories to think about. These range from beautiful ribbons that you can buy to adorn the base of your balloons, to balloon weights which come in all sorts of designs and help to keep helium balloons firmly grounded. There are also balloon tails and tassels available which can be attached to the base of the balloon to add some extra decoration.

You can also purchase helpful accessories that assist with attaching your balloons to tables, walls or archways. Attachment glue is a really helpful accessory to purchase as this enables balloons to be stuck literally anywhere you please! If you would like to use something that is reusable to attach your balloons there are also balloon magnets that you can purchase or you could even opt for some traditional balloon sticks which kids are sure to love!

Best Balloon 2019

In this section, we will take a look at some fantastic party balloons currently on the market. Ranging from twisting balloons, birthday balloons, party balloons, and some seriously gorgeous foil balloons!

#1 Best Balloons for Twisting: Qualatex 260Q Biodegradable Latex Balloons 100-Units per pack

A sure-fire way of making any children’s party an immediate success is through twisting balloons. Creating animals and shapes through balloon art using twisting balloons will bring a smile to faces both young and old (that is, if you’ve got the skills to do it!). Qualatex offer a great value pack of twisting balloons to get you started – providing 100 balloons for under £10!

These twisting balloons, made out of biodegradable latex, come in a variety of colors. They measure 2 inches in diameter and stretch to 60 inches long when they are inflated. It is best to inflate these balloons using a balloon pump (as this will make it much easier). Once inflated, you can twist and turn these into whatever shape you like, or perhaps a better idea would be to pass them to your entertainer to expertly craft a balloon animal!

#Twisting_balloons #Latex #Biodegradable #Party #Kids #Animal_balloons

#2 Best Birthday Balloons: Happy Birthday Balloons Golden, 16 inches Aluminium Foil Banner Gold Color Letter Balloons for Birthday by uzergifts

This excellent birthday banner from uzergifts will really show your loved one that you care! With 13 letter balloons included to perfectly spell out your birthday message, these golden balloons really stand out from the crowd and will make a great centerpiece to any birthday celebration. Included in the set are the 13 balloons (which are 16 inches tall) as well as the rope you need to hang them from.

These birthday balloons can be inflated with either helium or air, but make sure you use a balloon pump to blow them up if using air as they should not be blown by the mouth. Plus, if you are unsatisfied with this product or it does not meet your expectations uzergifts offer excellent customer service and offer an unconditional refund during the valid period.

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#3 Best Party Balloons: Haptda Unicorn Balloons 40 pack, 12 inch Latex Balloons

To really get your party started in style check out this beautiful party balloon set from Haptda. The balloon colors are unicorn themed coming in light purple, light pink, seafoam blue and there are also some stylish confetti balloons included to compliment all of the colors. With 40 balloons in the set as well as a gold ribbon to tie them together, you have everything you need to create a festive party scene.

The balloons are made out of latex which is thick and strong and able to withstand either air or helium whichever gas you decided to fill it with. The balloons will stay inflated for longer with air inside them but can float for 3-4 hours when inflated with helium. The confetti balloons make a great event at the party when they are popped also as the confetti will fly out into your party. Great fun!

#Confetti_balloons #Party_balloons #Unicorn_themed #Celebration #Ribbon #Balloons

#4 Best Foil Balloon Pack: MOWO 50 pcs Star Shape Foil Mylar Helium Balloon Birthday Party Decorations

This great value set from MOWO provides you with 50 high-quality star-shaped Mylar balloons. Coming in a variety of colors, this set is sure to bring some sparkle and joy to any party whether it be a birthday, wedding, baby shower, engagement party or anniversary. Each balloon measures 18 inches and is best inflated with helium to see it at its best effect.

With a metallic finish these star balloons come in 7 different colors: red, gold, silver, green, light blue, dark blue and rose. These self-sealing balloons can also be reused after deflated so you can store them away ready for your next party. Offering great value for money, you’re sure to be using these star balloons for many an occasion. Once they’ve arrived on your doorstep either inflate them using your own helium tank or take them to your local store to be inflated.

#Star_balloons #Foil_balloons #Mylar_balloons #Party_decorations #Celebration

#5 Best Gold Latex Party Balloons: Fayoo Gold Balloons 12 inch Party Balloons

If you want to throw a super-stylish party then look no further than these sophisticated gold balloons from Fayoo. With 48 in a pack, you can create either an effective bunch effect or scatter them across your event space. They could even be incorporated into a balloon archway if that is the effect you are going for. Made out of high-quality and ultra-thick latex, these balloons can either be filled via an air pump or helium tank.

The gorgeous gold color makes these balloons a perfect decoration for a wedding or engagement party, however, they would also be suitable for a graduation celebration, bridal shower or even a bachelorette party. The opportunities are endless with these balloons and we’re sure that you will love them as soon as they arrive at your door. When inflated with helium these balloons stay inflated for up to 16 hours so they’re sure to keep partying as long as you do!

#Gold_balloons #Latex_balloons #Wedding #Engagement #Bachelorette #Decorations #Party


Balloons bring a sense of occasion to any event and, for very little money, you can turn any space into a room ready for a party. Balloons come in many shapes and sizes and can either be made out of latex or foil. Latex is the cheapest option and is also the most environmentally friendly material of the two as it is biodegradable. Foil balloons are a good choice if you want a couple of showstoppers to act as centerpieces at your party, or you want some character balloons to wow your guests.

Inflating your balloons can either be done by yourself or at a store near you. If you want to inflate them yourself have a think about investing in an air pump (which are either manual or electric) or a helium tank. If you’re going to be hosting a lot of parties or have a lot of balloons to inflate, investing in your own inflation equipment will likely be the most economical choice in the long run.